Sunday, March 9, 2014

Decluttering Part 2

Good Evening Everyone!
     I was hoping to have posted before tonight, but part 2 of the decluttering did not happen until today!  Because of our crazy schedule, and an unexpected meeting I fell behind on  my original plan.  I had posted before that I would rest on Sunday's.  Well that didn't happen!  But that is ok because I feel really good about my progress!
     Today I decided to declutter the kitchen.  Now I will admit that this "room" is the least cluttered, but there is always room for improvement.  So because I wanted it to be a more relaxing day I decided to tackle the easiest room in the house.  So this post will most likely be short and sweet, but I had said that I would report on my decluttering progress, so here I go!
     I started with the little cabinets above the refrigerator.  I'm not the tallest person so this is the most difficult spot for me.  I don't know what everyone else stores in those little cabinets but I store things that aren't used much.  I love to bake, however I don't really have the time to bake.  So in my little cabinets above the refrigerator I keep cookie cutters, food coloring, baking cups, candles, cookie press etc.  Nothing too exciting.  Sometimes a box of baking soda or a container of baking powder.
     Now my kids are older so we aren't into rolling out the cookie dough and cutting out cookies anymore.  My daughter likes to bake as well, but she is into cakes and cupcakes.  So I tossed out the cookie cutters, and I had a few containers of them! I pitched the baking soda, baking powder and the Crisco.  Haven't used any of that in a long time, it's time for new!  I wiped out those little cabinets, put back a few things, and moved on!
     Next was the dreaded cabinet with all of the plastic ware/Tupperware for storage.  You know, the minute you open the door everything falls out!  No matter how many times I've tried to organize that cabinet it doesn't stay organized for very long, days at best!  This cabinet was fairly easy because I had all ready pitched containers that had no lids, lids that had no containers, etc.  It was just a matter of reorganizing it, again!  We will see how many days this lasts!
     The next few cabinets were rather painless as well.  Like I said before, my kitchen is the least cluttered room in the house so it was going to go rather quickly and it did.  I did the cabinet that I store my glassware's in next.  It was simple.  Because it is organized it was just a matter of wiping it out and putting everything back and it was done.  Next I did another small cabinet where we keep foil, Ziploc bags, extra paper napkins, cling wrap, plastic spooks, forks and knives.  Once again it just needed to be wiped out and everything put back.  The next four cabinets on the bottom were a little more labor intensive.  Pots and pans.  That too only required wiping and reorganizing it.  I had no extra stuff in there to throw out.
     The next cabinet was the one, actually two under the sink.  It is always the cabinet that gets the dirtiest for me.  Which it kind of funny because that is where I keep all of the cleaning supplies, garbage bags, sponges and any other basic household cleaning supplies.  It required a little more elbow grease, but it went pretty quick.  I have no extra junk stored under there so once again it was just a matter of cleaning up the spills/drips from cleaners and  reorganizing everything.
     The cabinets with the food/snacks went fairly quick.  Because I keep up on these cabinets the most.  Hard not to when I have to grocery shop every week.  As I put the groceries away I pitch the snacks that aren't touched much, or if they don't seal a lid well on the Tupperware and the snack goes stale.  I am always checking the expiration dates on everything so I don't have stuff just sitting around.  I don't have the biggest kitchen, and with two growing kids I do keep up on all of this on a weekly basis.  Even the wiping out.  So there wasn't much to do in these cabinets. 
     I cleaned the inside and outside of the microwave, which we keep up on as well.  Wiped off the outside of the all of the cabinets.  I am happy that the kitchen is done.  Like I have stated, it was the most uncluttered room to tackle.  I didn't have much to throw out and I really just had to reorganize somethings.  I am happy to have this room checked off my list!  Next I think I will tackle both bathrooms and their vanities.   It shouldn't be too bad, well at least mine, the kids bathroom is another story!  So until next time I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I hope that you are making great progress in your decluttering!

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