Friday, March 1, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Happy Friday Everyone!
     It has been a long time since I have logged in.  Well you know the ole saying, time flies when you are having fun!  A lot has changed in this past year.  The big change is I have relocated my children to a new school, an hour north of where we live.  I (we) decided that we didn't like what was going on in their lives.  Too much negative and not enough positive.  So instead of leaving them here in Seminole, which would be so easy to do, we moved them to Tarpon Springs.  They are in a magnet program, The Conservatory for the Arts.  What an amazing program!!!  My nieces were in this program about nine years ago, so I was very familiar with what it had to offer.  This move means early mornings, we are up after 4am five days a week, and late nights, home at 10pm at night, sometimes later, and they are at school on Saturday's for about 12 hours.  They are kept busy in a positive way.  They have had some great experiences this past school year because of this program. 
The Conservatory for the Arts is a music program, marching band, jazz band, wind ensembles, etc.  It has been a HUGE change for the whole family.
     It started off with the icebreaker at the end of May last year.  Icebreaker is where all the incoming freshman and any other  students new to the program come to the school for the day and meet everyone that is still in the program or has graduated and moved on.  They get to mix and mingle, get a feel for the program and get to play music for the show for the very first time.  It's neat to see them all come together at the end of the day and play for the very first time with each other and for their families. 
     My son is in the front ensemble.  He plays battery instruments.  My daughter is in the color guard.
They have learned what it means to play in a group this big, about 170 kids, play on a higher level and on a huge stage for everyone to see.  And this marching season coming up is sure to be even more exciting, we have been invited to march in the 2013 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Everyone is looking forward to this experience, a once in a life time opportunity!
     While some may thinking you moved them for a music program?  No, not really, it's more than that!  It's what the director and his wife teach the children that goes far beyond just music.  They are protective of the children in the program.  They teach life lessons off the field and in the classroom.  How to be the best you can be.  He is a very inspiring man and the kids respect him.  All schools should have at least one teacher like him!
     While there was this big change with the children and their schedules, mine and my husbands schedules also had some big changes.  My husband works full-time and attends school full-time and is working on getting his bachelors degree.  He will be taking the summer off, a much needed break, and the fall off to help with the conservatory more and to have the time off to go to Macy's with the children.  I took a part-time job at a friend's boutique.  It's been fun and a learning experience.  I currently work three days a week.  I have the BEST boss in the world!  She understands that family is first!  She has been very supportive of my family!
     So this has what has kept me so busy that I haven't had all the free time to keep up on my blog.  This pretty much sums it up.  Please check back and follow my blog as we and the Tarpon Springs Conservatory for the Arts march towards Macy's in November 2013!